Samsung Cup kija 2-1 eliminated Li Shishi Chinese players reach the final again-ravbin

Samsung Cup kija 2-1 eliminated Li Shishi Chinese players reach the final again kija eliminated Li Shishi yesterday, Samsung Cup World Chinese chess masters continued, China now ranked first people kija 188 white hands set victory over South Korea’s Li Shishi, won the semi-final final three chess game of victory, but also for the Chinese locked in advance the twenty-first Samsung Cup trophy. From the competition process, almost all Li Shishi did not find a suitable opportunity to force, kija called victory. This is the Ke Jie and Li Shishi thirteenth games against the previous record of kija 9:3 lead, but the top players, every game is a new beginning, winning probability can not be quantified. The two sides to first guess, Li Shishi zhihei first. Because it is the decider’s sake, two people are very cautious on the board and test each other, "about to speak, but saying nothing". The lower right corner Ke Jie three Reuters sharp, Li Shishi had no choice but to give up the corner, focusing on the periphery. The game smoothly, kija white field dominance, and Li Shishi black in the central has a certain potential. Kija the Bureau has obviously learned second lessons were reversed, Li Shishi entered the countdown, kija became more careful and calm. On the right side of the actual battle, white to simplify, the safe operation of each contact, there is no good opportunity to black. Li Shishi left the last line of the upper left corner of the white hope of the raid. Finally, Li Shishi in the upper left corner to fight very tenaciously, but kija clever turn of sacrifice, the harvest is not black. The final game was to 184, kija set victory. This kija with 2:1 score, again beat Li Shishi, nominated for second consecutive years Samsung Cup final against defending. Another disc semi-final decider van Yunruo lost the girder fine light. This would be 8 and the girder fine light kija day for the Samsung Cup crown in December 6th, which is the last swept Samsung Cup championship after the Chinese scored again.相关的主题文章:

FAW car or red flag will be integrated into the integration of FAW

FAW car or the red flag will be integrated into the FAW shares of China Securities News Network FAW will integrate its red flag related assets. According to sources close to the FAW, the specific integration path will be to China’s first automobile Limited by Share Ltd’s red flag division as the main body of the establishment of the FAW shares red branch. FAW car all the red flag assets will be stripped to FAW shares. According to the twenty-first Century Economic News reported on September 13th, in fact, since the establishment of this year, FAW shares in the cause of the red flag, the market for the integration of red flag assets are expected to be in March. In the FAW shares, the red flag division and FAW car for flat level units. September 12th, FAW car securities office staff said that the current production of all the assets of the red car FAW car. The aforementioned sources pointed out that the red car production line is not enough to start, weak sales, a serious loss in the FAW car system. If able to peel, for the FAW car 2016 annual results will boost. The China First Automobile Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "FAW") after the arrival of the new leadership, the red flag asset integration is expected to have been more intense. In addition to the establishment of the FAW car in March with the level of the red flag division, in April, FAW and FAW Group signed a trademark license contract supplementary agreement. According to the supplementary agreement, since 1997 by the FAW Hongqi exclusive right to use trademarks, change to share with FAW Group and licensed third party. According to the original contract, FAW FAW FAW car license to enjoy the exclusive right to use the trademark, FAW car sales by the use of trademark products per unit price of 1000 yuan calculated to pay the use of the FAW group. The collection of fees for the cumulative sales of 240 thousand units so far, FAW Group will be transferred to the FAW FAW red flag car. After the change, the red flag trademark will be extended to the FAW Group and other licensed third party. As compensation, FAW car has not yet completed the sales task of the 69 thousand and 800 red cars corresponding trademark license fee of 69 million 800 thousand will be exempt. Red flag is currently in the brand cultivation period, has not yet formed a scale effect, by the FAW Group and the company share the right to use, is conducive to mobilize various resources for the cultivation and development of the red flag brand." FAW car in exchange with investors, said. In fact, this is another important reason or that the sharp decline in the performance of the FAW car, have not enough money and the ability to develop the Red Flag brand, and the red flag of the loss actually erosion of profits of listed companies. FAW also admitted that shared with the group to reduce the company’s financial risk and business risk." Data show that the first half of the FAW car operating risks can not be ignored. Semi annual report disclosed that the first half of the company’s vehicle sales 80 thousand and 700, representing a decrease of 33.21% over the same period last year, while the automotive industry association data show that over the same period, domestic auto sales grew by 8.1%. Financial data is not optimistic. FAW car accounts receivable reached 240 million yuan in the first half, surged to the same period last year, 9 times. Net cash flow from operating activities is -1.相关的主题文章:

3 points to eat healthy seafood with onions ginger can be cold-yuanmu

Healthy eating seafood 3 points with onion ginger can be cold with the weather getting colder and colder, seafood on our table. When eating seafood should pay attention to what can not be eaten with the food, otherwise it will have a great impact on our health. Today, to introduce how to eat the most healthy seafood, do not miss. Healthy seafood to eat seafood needs to be cooked sterilization. Seafood boiling containing bacteria. The main pathogenic bacteria in seafood, such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus, strong heat resistance, more than 80 degrees Celsius can kill. In addition to the bacteria in the water, but also may exist in the parasite eggs and seafood processing. Bacterial and viral contamination. In general, boiled in boiling water for 4-5 minutes to complete sterilization. Therefore, eating "Liquor-Soaked Crabs", "sea urchin", "soy sauce marinated seafood like not Cooking Seafood must be careful when eating sashimi must also ensure the fish freshness and sanitation. Shellfish seafood should not be stored for too long. The death of shellfish toxin, shellfish itself fungi amount is relatively high, the decomposition of protein and quickly, once the death will be a lot of breeding bacteria, toxins, and the content of unsaturated fatty acid isoxidizedeasily. Produce more amine and free radicals will not fresh shellfish, pose a threat to human health. After the purchase of live shellfish can not be stored at home for too long, to cook as soon as possible. People with allergies should be especially careful, because sometimes the reaction is not due to the seafood itself, but in the process of protein decomposition of seafood caused by. Packaged seafood to refrigerate. If the seafood has been thoroughly cooked at high, then you only need to immediately put into freezer, the next meal can be eaten after heating. If the seafood has not been fully heated, but the dead, then it should be put into the freezer, the next meal before thawing, then heatedthoroughly cooked, don’t cling to fresh taste. Due to the delicate texture of seafood protein food, decomposition soon, after taking home should be finished within one day, do not store for a long time. Seafood scallion and ginger collocation solution cold can tell you a trick to eat seafood. When eating seafood to the onion ginger can be cold oh. The most common method of eating seafood is boiled and steamed, collocation onion ginger and vinegar can not only remove the smell of seafood, because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, most of the seafood cold, and ginger warm, both eat seafood collocation can remove cold. Fried seafood is also very common. You can fry collocation alkaline vegetables such as seafood, fried Asparagus, fried loofah Shrimp balls etc.. Vegetables are also rich in vitamins, minerals and cellulose, which are seafood can not provide. In addition, because the little fat content of seafood, but also appropriate collocation more rich in protein and fatty acids such as cashew nuts, pine nuts, etc.. Various shelled snails, generally need to stir. Fried snail commonly used seasoning with ginger, green onion, garlic, vinegar, one can taste, on the other hand can play a bactericidal effect, prevent the occurrence of intestinal disease. Seafood can not eat with what? After eating seafood drink long stone. Eat seafood should not drink the truth and should not eat fruit similar reasons. Because tea contains tannic acid, can also form insoluble calcium and calcium in seafood. In)相关的主题文章:

In August 30th 19 traders are concerned about the

In August 30th 19 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 30, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the August 30th 19 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from 30 ranked 19 on Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) update: Itar TASS: China near the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan explosion 1 people were killed and 2) Anta sports is seeking to buy overseas high-end brands to occupy the leading position in the apparel industry 3) $4 billion 200 million Wynn palace opened the first record average 4) people’s Daily: China condemned for China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan car bomb 5) attack Huayi Brothers to force overseas and "Captain America" director of the joint venture 6) Taiwan’s central bank earlier this month with the New York financial services department please Mega bank time to deal with a fine of 7) KKR China executive Julian Wolhardt and Liu Haifeng will own 8) apple reportedly ready to upgrade and update the IPad Mac product series 9) EU Apple Corp may have to pay up to 13 billion euros in taxes 10) the State Council Chinese plus interest will be carried out third times the big supervision focus on maintaining stable economic development etc.) 11 Pimco will recruit more than 20 people targeting $17 trillion and 400 billion of Asia’s wealth 12) Macao second quarter GDP contraction of 7.1% compared to the same period last year 13) China stock market in the week ended August 26th when new investors more than last week 25% 14 China) Zhong Wang will purchase the Aleris China scale for overseas acquisition of the 15 most metal processors) UBS wealth management: Britain from Europe to remind investors of global central bank is not 16) run out of ammunition and food supplies August eurozone economic confidence index fell to 103.5; the estimated 104.117 China) Ministry of Finance: China Oriental Asset Management Limited by Share Ltd established in 18) China bank the first half net profit of 93 billion yuan estimated 91 billion 700 million 19) Greater China Stock Market: HSI recovered 23000; the Shenzhen Hong Kong through November; NDRC promoting PPP; Apple concept 20) industrial and Commercial Bank of China first half net profit of 150 billion 200 million yuan estimated 149 billion 900 million yuan editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章:

Associate with the benefits of going into the delivery room – Sohu maternal and child-vidalia

Associate with the benefits of going to the delivery room – Sohu maternal care for ten months, and finally came to the children at the moment, prenatal mother’s mood will inevitably be anxious and nervous. In order to meet the arrival of a small life, the family came to the operation room waiting anxiously outside, in addition to quasi father, that is to say, the prospective father to accompany her mother into the delivery room to accompany the production Oh, with the benefits of production is also a lot of it. 1 fathers entered the delivery room note major hospitals have now allowed the father into the delivery room, is a stable mood contribute to maternal, maternal arrangements to assist doctors with production; the two is to witness the birth of new life joy and gratitude. Quasi dad into the delivery room to pay attention to is to cooperate with the doctor’s request to do, do not walk in the delivery room, do not make a big voice, do not take the camera to shoot, but regardless of the situation of his wife. The father will probably be gossipy and meddlesome doctors out of the delivery room. 2 fathers Peifang can relieve maternal emotional fear of female production, most cases from the fear of heart, not physical fear, that is to say their mental pressure greater than the physical pressure, it is precisely because of this, the more the more fear of women feel pain, and more relax, cooperate with the doctor in the female students more easily, and have more pain. Quasi father with the mother can be able to alleviate the anxiety of the mother, her husband in the side with them, they will feel that the heart is not so worried and scared, very helpful for the stability of the mood. In addition, the couple go through such a big thing, help increase near the feelings of husband and wife, let love each other more, is good for the day after the happiness of family life. 3 fathers accompany can increase parent-child feelings because witnessed the whole process of the birth of life, know the birth of life is so hard, how dangerous, how holy father, the feelings will be more, after the education of the children will be more careful, caring for children is also more. Help to improve the parent-child relationship and intimacy. A lot of men are fathers, who have experienced the birth of new life to know how difficult their mothers are, and thus become more filial to their parents. 4 quasi father to accompany the production may also have different symptoms, although the father said that the benefits of a lot of paternity, but it may bring some sequelae. Some fathers kind-hearted, they witnessed his wife because after the painful process of giving birth to a child and bear, very guilty, even dads with excitement to give children the arrhythmia are. They live in the days after the sexual life of husband and wife, think of terrible images of his wife production, so afraid of couples move closer and shape, like being bitten, twice shy of ten years, a long period of time to make them down. In any case, the father of the advantage is always greater than the disadvantages, in any case, is very conducive to the feelings of the couple later. My father saw the mother only quasi production of pain and suffering, will the heart love, more to love his wife and children. Of course, for some of the psychological ability of the father or not to go, faint in the delivery room on the ugly big. .相关的主题文章:

Post Ronaldo won 4 best year James Messi tied the first talk Trump-coreldraw快捷键大全

Post: C Ronaldo won 4 best year James Messi tied the first talk Trump Happy birthday! Today’s birthday: Thunder headed star Russell Westbrook (28 years old) AC Milan defender Ignazio Abate (30 years old) today in history: 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the sixteenth Asian Games will be carried out in China Guangzhou in November 12, 2010 to 27, Guangzhou is second to obtain the right to host the Asian Games City China. Beijing held the Eleventh Asian Games in 1990. Guangzhou Asian Games will be 42 events, the Asian Games in the history of the largest number of games. Guangzhou will also host the Tenth Asian Games for the disabled after the Asian games.   winning the MVP! C Ronaldo fourth degrees awarded the year Messi listed only fourth details > > November 11th message, the authority of the media "Goal" reports, the Goal50 player of the year award winner is announced, the Real Madrid star C Ronaldo beat Barcelona star Suarez, Atletico Barcelona star Glenn Seidman, Messi prize winning core. This is the C Luo occupation career fourth times to get this award, tied the Messi winning number, Messi in this selection only ranked fourth.   the former Liverpool meritorious coach was elected October best team championship 5 matches for > > news November 11th, the championship was officially announced, Newcastle coach Benitez was elected the best coach in the championship in October. Benitez led the Newcastle team in October 5 matches, scored 15 points, scored only 11 goals lost two ball.   chairman of La Liga: I won’t apologize because I’m not a hypocrite to Barcelona details > > for the open of the contradiction, Twiss said in an interview: "I am for what happened to me sorry, it hurts me, make me feel uncomfortable, but I will still continue to perform my duty." "I’m not a hypocrite, I won’t ask who forgive. I was troubled by such a situation, because I have been struggling with the violence in the field for the last 3 and a half years."   World Cup European zone qualifying battle: World Cup – Demon wings show the first hat trick of Germany 8-0 guest details > > lead; pre – world bogeba transmission France 2-1 reverse wing tied Sweden lead details > > Sturidge Rooney – World Cup goal assists England win 3-0 lead > >   details; El Eriksson: another; 5-6 years after the return to Brazil retired at the age of 35 in > China details > El Eriksson said: "I’m ready to play in the Chinese 5-6 years, and then return to Botta Fuego, I love wearing a Botta Fuego shirt. Fans may feel like I’m coming back for retirement. But I’ll take care of myself, I’m ready to kick 35."   Wuhan Hongxing renamed back into the occupation ring Shanghai usher in fifth > > occupation team details; in November 11th, 2016 national amateur.相关的主题文章:

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