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The Fed is on the negative interest rate policy feasibility – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Washington on 11 February, (reporter Gao Pan Jiang Yujuan) Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen said on the 11, take the feasibility of the negative interest rate policy of the Fed is studied when necessary, but it is not clear whether the Fed has the legal authority to launch this policy. Yellen testified in the Senate Banking Committee on the same day that the Fed had considered the negative interest rate policy in 2010, but the Fed officials worried that it would affect the normal operation of the money market, saying that the policy was not feasible. Yellen said that based on the euro zone and some other countries have implemented a negative interest rate policy, the Federal Reserve is once again studying its feasibility, but has not yet completed the policy evaluation. In order to stimulate economic growth and encourage lending, the Central Bank of the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Japan and other developed economies have implemented a negative interest rate policy, the commercial banks and other financial institutions stored in the central bank’s funds to collect interest. Yellen said that the Federal Reserve needs to study its feasibility before adopting negative interest rate policy, including whether the U.S. funds settlement and payment system can deal with negative interest rates, and whether the negative interest rate policy is facing legal restrictions. She said that the Fed has not yet carried out detailed legal analysis of this. Asked if the Fed would be more likely to raise interest rates or cut interest rates next year, Yellen said the Fed was still on the track of gradual interest rate hikes. She pointed out that the Fed had noticed the recent turmoil in the global economic and financial markets and was assessing its impact on the outlook for us economic growth, but it was too early to draw conclusions. She believes that the current downside risks facing the U.S. economy is not enough to make the Fed cut interest rates. Analysts believe that Yellen’s statement means that the Fed may slow the pace of interest rate hike, rather than change the direction of monetary policy. An economist survey released on the Wall Street Journal showed that only 9% of economists expect the fed to raise interest rates in March, and about 60% economists expect the fed to postpone interest rates in June. The survey also shows that economists expect the federal funds rate to rise to 0.94% by the end of this year, according to 25 basis points for each increase in interest rates, which means the Fed may raise interest rates two times this year. Author: Jiang Yujuan (source: Xinhua News Agency)

美联储正研究负利率政策可行性-搜狐新闻  新华社华盛顿2月11日电(记者高攀 江宇娟)美联储主席耶伦11日表示,美联储正研究必要时采取负利率政策的可行性,但尚不清楚美联储是否拥有法律授权来推出这项政策。  耶伦当天在美国国会参议院银行委员会作证时说,美联储曾于2010年考虑过负利率政策,但当时美联储官员担心会影响货币市场的正常运作,认为这项政策并不可行。耶伦表示,基于欧元区和部分其他国家已实施负利率政策,美联储正再次研究其可行性,但尚未完成政策评估。  为刺激经济增长和鼓励放贷,欧洲央行、日本央行等发达经济体央行已先后实行负利率政策,对商业银行等金融机构存储在央行的资金征收利息。耶伦表示,美联储在采纳负利率政策之前需要研究其可行性,包括美国资金清算和支付系统能否处理负利率、出台负利率政策是否面临法律限制。她表示,美联储目前尚未对此进行详细的法律分析。  当被问及美联储下一步更可能采取加息还是降息时,耶伦表示美联储仍处于渐进加息轨道之上。她指出,美联储已注意到近期全球经济金融市场的动荡,正在评估其对美国经济增长前景的影响,但目前下结论为时过早。她认为,目前美国经济面临的下行风险还不足以令美联储降息。  分析人士认为,耶伦的上述表态意味着美联储可能会放缓加息节奏,而非转变货币政策方向。《华尔街日报》当天公布的经济学家调查显示,仅有9%的经济学家预计美联储将于3月份加息,约60%的经济学家预计美联储会推迟至6月份加息。调查还显示,经济学家预计到今年底联邦基金利率将升至0.94%,按照每次加息25个基点计算,这意味着美联储今年可能会加息两次。  作者:高攀 江宇娟 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章:

Andouble secretly engage in Japan India nuclear deal. What sorpack

Andouble secretly engage in Japan India nuclear deal. What? India’s prime minister Modi will visit Japan 10 days from the date of three days. It is reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo signed the plan on Indian civilian nuclear agreement in modi’s visit to japan. If an agreement is reached, it will be the first time in Japan and did not join the "NPT" of the National Association of tuberculosis agreement. Why Andouble first break the nuclear boundaries? What is the real purpose behind? Modi’s visit to Japan will talk about cooperation from the nuclear agreement is Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the Prime Minister of India Modi. Data figure Japan softening stance will be signed with the Japanese nuclear agreement with India on civil nuclear agreement negotiations for a long time. India as a nuclear power, but did not join the nuclear non proliferation treaty. For this reason, Japan is reluctant to strengthen cooperation with India in terms of civilian nuclear technology. Japan fears India may use nuclear technology for military purposes. Andouble’s visit to India in December 2015, the two sides signed a civilian nuclear agreement reached a consensus, but because of the legal and technical details of the problem has not been formally signed. If the civil nuclear agreement in the modi’s visit to Japan was signed, it will be the first time in Japan and the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty" non contracting parties signed the agreement. Andouble "secret diplomacy" to break the nuclear boundaries of India’s "economic times" said that the governments of the two countries are expected to sign the agreement, but as an atomic bomb had been bombed by the Fukushima nuclear power plant leak caused harm to the country, Japan for the signing of the agreement no small opposition. But Andouble in "negotiations" as a pretext to involve state secrets grounds, not clear disclosure, not face to congressional opposition to question, the plan forced to sign the agreement and approval of congress. Early in Andouble’s December 2015 visit to India, there are many Japanese folk groups and atomic bomb survivors in protest, "we can’t use the handheld nuclear to create peace" "we oppose Japan India nuclear agreement" and other slogans. What are the intentions behind the Japan India nuclear agreement? Japanese Prime Minister Andouble Shinzoabe to take the opportunity to expand the selfish Andouble in India Economic and trade output India civil nuclear cooperation agreement also brought India to expand economic output of the "selfish". This time, Japan will also provide India with a $12 billion economic and technical assistance package, including a low interest loan. In addition to nuclear energy cooperation agreement, Andouble will push the total value of $1 billion 600 million during the visit of modi’s $12 US-2i amphibious rescue aircraft. Agence France-Presse believes that Japan India hopes to sign a civilian nuclear agreement to promote cooperation in nuclear power facilities projects, thereby enhancing economic and security cooperation between the two countries. The secret to engage in nuclear agreement in Diyi Mo avoid the question of push the development of doctrine in recent years, the rapid economic growth in India, the power shortage problem is becoming increasingly serious, nuclear power has become the focus of future development of India electric power. In December last year, Japan and India for the first time to reach an agreement on high-speed rail and civilian nuclear projects, Prime Minister Modi said: This marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation between Japan and India." India has always been opposed to the development of nuclear power, one for environmental reasons, two for ideological reasons. India’s left has been opposed to modi’s development.相关的主题文章:

Batten’s tailor’s dream – Sohu

"Batten’s dream" tailor – Sohu introduction: the pursuit of each child life will have a dream, even if it is only a little puppy. This wonderful little story was written by the Canadian writer Elena in the form of a picture book. The dog she created the image of Batten, so good to hear or see. Children like him, and adults like him. "Batten" became a symbol, also formed a series. In a pleasant reading, Batten’s dedication and enthusiasm are oblivious to our dreams come into. Although his dream is not great, perhaps just an impulse, but he insisted on, and so on, so the success of this revelation is that we will benefit from life. Mr. Albert sat in his pet shop counter reads a newspaper, I saw Miss Madelyn round the corner of the street and hurried to her fashion shop, ribbon floating down from Miss Madelyn’s coat, color buttons from her pocket jumped out. She didn’t seem to notice Batten sitting at the window as usual. Miss Madelyn Batten wished to adopt their own ah, but whether it shows how lovely, how the worship of miss Madelyn’s appearance, also no matter how enthusiastically wagged his tail, did not cause the attention of miss Madelyn. Mr Albert had never seen a dog perform so hard. One night, Mr. Albert closed the shop and went home. The shop was quiet, and the light of a beam of light shone through the window. All the little pets were asleep, and Batten could not sleep at all. He was thinking, "why didn’t miss Madelyn notice me?" At this time, he suddenly found that the cage door is not closed. Batten jumped to the ground, with his tail a little late, a beam of light from the hole in the wall as he leaned over the hole, see Miss Madelyn is light hard on a sewing machine. She carefully put together a needle, ribbon trim, and give a beautiful pleated cloth. The pieces of cloth were flying everywhere. Batten had never seen such a beautiful picture! Miss Madelyn finished her work, got up, put on her hat, put on her gloves, locked the door and went out. One day, I’ll be a seamstress, just like miss Madelyn. Batten thought. Batten scraped through the hole in the wall, into miss Madelyn’s shop. He saw the rags, blanket and feathers scattered on the floor, rolls with a tiger and zebra pattern cloth from the corner piled up to the ceiling. Sewing bench next to a wooden box filled with a rainbow riotous with colour. Batten noticed that he knew how to get miss Madelyn’s attention! He began to dry up. All night long, he was hard to cut, ah, ah, ah…… He pressed the seam of the cloth with a ribbon and nailed the button until it was light. And with the last wonderful ornament, a couple of whiskers, everything is done. He looked at himself in the mirror相关的主题文章:

The National Day travel books read a thousand books – maternal Sohu

The National Day travel books: read a thousand books – Sohu baby autumn is the most beautiful season, autumn will be a little cold. Soon after the national day, you are not planning to take the children out for a walk. Is there a good destination? Taking advantage of the National Day holiday, take the kids to travel, is indeed a rare parent-child experience. I like to travel, travel can increase knowledge, understand the different local customs, scenery and food. Mid Autumn Festival holiday, we went to Macao, a very happy oh. In addition to travel, life is more important to read. Reading is very important to help children grow up, learn two girl into the normal school. In addition to interest classes, that is read, see picture books, comic books, literature of different children at home…… Words and deeds, monasteries, adult reading at home, children with reading. I grew up with age, two of her books are more and more. Speaking I have insisted on reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles. Recently National Day immediately to the holiday, I would like to recommend some books, the National Day travel books. This is the number of travel books, a different picture book tells a different story, suitable for children of different ages; some of the family travel through some successful experience of parenting books, family fun of others, to learn more knowledge of tourism, to facilitate their children go to different places to travel; except the parenting class. You can also go to travel alone. In addition to the work and life of husband and wife is with the baby, also very boring ah, sometimes a rare trip, fonder, can let the couples become more harmonious. Of course, there are too many good books, far more than I recommend, and you can attach the title of the book you like. These books + COVER + introduction, for reference only kazakhstan.相关的主题文章:

The first run Android 7 Android one mobile phone asked the city – Sohu digital

The first run Android 7 Android One mobile phone asked the city – Sohu digital Google launched the Android One project, designed to create a more simple and fast market in emerging markets, inexpensive smart phones. Now the first run Android Android 7 One phone is coming, it is GM 5". Although the General Mobile name is not loud, but it is the second largest manufacturer of Android One equipment. GM 5 is equipped with a 5 inch 720P screen, equipped with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 2GB +16GB ROM RAM, front 5 million rear 13 million pixel camera, as well as 2500mAh battery. General Mobile did not disclose the specific price of the machine, but it will only be launched in Azerbaijan, Albania, Afghanistan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Garner, Greece, Iraq, Kenya, Luxemburg, Moldova, Holland, Pakistan, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Uzbekistan 20 markets.相关的主题文章:

South Korean President wanjiebubao as 9 days have mostly prosecuted 3edyy

South Korean President wanjiebubao as 9 days have mostly prosecuted the original title: Pu Jinhui bestie "fermentation, served as president of the Republic of Korea are mostly wanjiebubao? Pu Jinhui "bestie" event continuous fermentation, according to Yonhap reported this morning, the afternoon of October 31st to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office for investigation of Pu Jinhui cronies politics door protagonist Cui Shunshi prosecution was arrested. The prosecution intends to prove the suspect within 48 hours of the longest detention time and apply for detention order Cui Shunshi. The president later this event shocked politics is "wanjiebubao". Obama solution (WeChat ID:guanhaijieju) bureau of Statistics found that since 1980s, almost every South Korean President are involved in a corruption scandal at the end of the term or after retiring, even the president therefore embarked on the road of Dutch act. Almost every South Korean President is at the end of the term or after leaving the corruption scandal Lee Myung-bak stepped down only 9 days because of "private prosecution case" before retiring in 4 months, former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in "private" case, South Korea special prosecutor team survey released in November 4, 2012, President Lee Myung-bak in private Gu Dong case the prosecution of 3 presidential officials, and Lee Myung-bak himself, "first lady" Jin Runyu and his son Li Shijiong has not been charged. Earlier, Lee Myung-bak had a brother and confidant of corruption to all the national apology. However, in March 5, 2013, leaving only 9 days ago, Lee Myung-bak therefore buy hole of the cereal inside the storm and the private land in the general public and illegal supervision by public bodies and television ILO report and prosecution. (Figure: Lee Myung-bak and his wife) citizen groups involved in the joint was suspected of violating the Republic of Korea special economic crimes aggravated punishment law to the Central District Court in Seoul, reported the Lee Myung-bak. The report said the material of Lee Myung-bak instructed the director before the land of Chong Wa Dae Police Department Jin Renzhong, former Chong Wa Dae police administrative officer Jin Taihuan, Lee Myung-bak in the house purchase for the building, causing losses to the state, or at least accept the relevant report provides help. The group also reported Lee Myung-bak’s wife, Ms. Jin Runyu and her son, Li Shijiong, and that the name of the son of her son in the name of the purchase of land in violation of the real estate real estate trading system in the name of. In addition, Li Shijiong in order to buy land borrowed from Uncle Lee Myung-bak’s elder brother Li Xiangen, the 600 million won (about 3 million 435 thousand yuan), there may be a gift to his son Lee Myung-bak funds, thus increasing the suspicion of a violation of tax laws in the Lee Myung-bak report. On the other hand, the national media labor organization YTN (News) branch to prosecutors and Sue Lee Myung-bak, Lee Myung-bak advocates for illegal surveillance of ordinary people, and during the breach of privilege and the proposed requirements, compensation for each of 20 million won, a total of 100 million won lawsuit against 5 people including Lee Myung-bak. Roh Moo-hyun in his later years, he was not able to bear the pressure of corruption cliff suicide Roh Moo-hyun became president in 2003, retiring in 2008. After retiring Roh Moo-hyun should be in the home of An Xiangpeng相关的主题文章:

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